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Combustible gas mixtures for the Japanese automotive industry

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When the focus is on producing combustible gas mixtures TOYOTA trusts in the know-how of LT GASETECHNIK. LT has produced two gas mixers which are installed in a car production plant which the world market leader has built on a new site in Mendoza/ARGENTINA. The gas supplier on site is PRAXAIR.

The Japanese car supplier had planned to equip this Argentinian plant with innovative and above all reliable manufacturing facilities. The manufacturing process as a whole should be as much automated as possible, and therefore, great importance was placed to sourcing production equipment to the highest standards of quality and reliability. When it came to selecting the gas supply equipment, all internationally active and renowned equipment manufacturers came under scrutiny. As to the protective gas atmosphere used for feeding the annealing furnaces, TOYOTA finally opted for using gas mixing equipment from LT GASETECHNIK, meaning equipment absolutely „made in Germany“.

The units have been in full operation already for a while now. They produce gas mixtures of Nitrogen and Hydrogen freely adjustable to convenience. Also, the units are equipped with LT brand Gas Analyzers. They continuously monitor the gas mixture quality and transmit the measurement results online to the operator’s central control room.

Commissioning of the units has been performed by PRAXAIR Argentina. This company will also henceforth take care of their maintenance.

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