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    H2 Einspeisung

    hydrogen / climate change / green hydrogen feed-in / decarbonization / H2 / funding in the field of hydrogen technologies and systems

    961 515 Alexander Hanf

    We are currently working on many projects in the area of mixing LPG, natural gas, methane, propane with (green) hydrogen. Do you have these projects too? Then talk to us, we are familiar with the topic. From LT GASETECHNIK you receive from one single source: Consulting Concept and detail engineering for the mechanical part Engineering,…

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    50 años LT GASETECHNIK

    1024 576 Juri Raffetseder

    LT GASETECHNIK, fabricante de soluciones para la tecnología de gas de alta calidad, celebra su 50º aniversario a principios de 2021. Cuando Friedhelm Ludewig y Heinrich Tillmann fundaron una compañía en Dortmund-Barop en 1971, probablemente no podían imaginar lo que sería de LUDEWIG + TILLMANN oHG. Hoy miramos hacia atrás con orgullo a los 50…

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    Flaschenschrank mit Gasmischer und altem Druckbehälter

    Propane / Nitrogen supply

    1024 576 Alexander Hanf

    Successful delivery and commissioning including integration and new approval of 27 year old pressure vessel

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    WLD MultiMode Mesgasauswahl

    Multimode gas measurement with the LT GasAnalyzer

    901 564 Alexander Hanf

    If you are facing the task of measuring multiple binary gas combinations, the LT GasAnalyzer is the right solution. In the menu of the LT GasAnalyzer with TCD sensor, you can specify the applicable sample gas curve. 15 sample gas curves are stored as standard! The following sample gas combinations can be selected…

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    LT GasAnalysator zur Wandaufhängung

    LT GasAnalyzer for upgrading or retrofitting

    1024 683 Alexander Hanf

    LT GASETECHNIK offers a gas analyzer for retrofitting. The LT GasAnalyzer for retrofitting can be easily integrated into existing production environments – even at gas mixers from other manufacturers. Special features: Gas mixture dependent equipment: thermal conductivity sensor, infrared sensor or paramagnetic sensor, or a combination of these sensors Integrated sample gas conditioning Comfortable equipment…

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    Turbo generator cooling with hydrogen

    1005 754 Alexander Hanf

    Turbo generators are cooled with hydrogen due to its better cooling properties – hydrogen-carrying parts of the plant require attention with the aim of safe handling of the gases to protect employees and plant technology.LT GASETECHNIK examines, improves and modernizes fixed installations for the hydrogen supply in power plants and for the generator supply. We…

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    Two staged pressure control system

    700 700 Alexander Hanf

    2-staged pressure control system consists of: High pressure regulator with inlet pressure switch for monitoring the pressure status with reduction to an intermediate pressure of 1 … 8 barg Safety valve to protect the low pressure regulator, response pressure 10 barg Solenoid valve DN25, normally open Low pressure regulator for 70 … 110 mbarg outlet…

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    Health risk when storing SO2 bottles

    878 494 Alexander Hanf

    Article in «Technical Security» Volume 9, October 2019:   Sulfur dioxide is often used as a protective gas in the glass or metal industry. It is usually set up in pressurized gas cylinders for temperature control next to thermoprocessing plants. The necessary risk assessment for the storage of sulfur dioxide in accordance with Section 5…

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    LT Pressure Control Unit in stainless steel

    1000 667 Alexander Hanf

    LTD-1 based pressure control unit Type 3 in stainless steel with shut-off fittings Stainless steel dome loaded pressure controller with pilot controller, outlet pressure gauge and shut off valves Learn more about pressure controlling units

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    New video of a float glass process gas supply in a 40 ft. container

    1024 369 Alexander Hanf

    Once again, a well-known manufacturer of flat glass has entrusted LT GASETECHNIK with delivery of the gas supply system for a new float glass line. Philip Weyer created a short video with a camera drone for you. In this you also get a brief overview of the LT building and an insight into part of…

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