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H2 and methane – different flame patterns

1024 578 Alexander Hanf

In this fascinating video, we show the differences in the flames of hydrogen (H2) and natural gas (methane, CH4), each mixed with oxygen. The different properties and appearance of the flames are particularly noteworthy. We have been manufacturing safe and precise gas mixing systems for decades and are experts in fuel gas mixtures of H2,…

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Gas mixers from LT GASETECHNIK

Availability and accuracy for automotive suppliers

1024 242 Alexander Hanf

Our customer manufactures innovative lighting products for the automotive industry and attaches great importance to availability and gas mixture accuracy. Various gas mixtures are required for production. Z. B.: Argon / Hydrogen Hydrogen / Methane Nitrogen (75%) / Hydrogen (25%) Nitrogen (95%) / Hydrogen (5%) To meet these requirements, LT gas mixers were supplied with…

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Natural Gas substitution | help for disturbances in NG supply | gas mixture propane/air

721 199 Alexander Hanf

LT GASETECHNIK is your partner on the topic of “natural gas substitution with propane-air gas mixture” due to shutdown or embargo in the Russia/Ukraine conflict. LT GASETECHNIK supplies an important component of the entire system, the gas mixing system: Design sheme LT Gas Mixing System for propane air: Installation in an insulated container or in…

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2 inch pressure control loop and low-temperature shutdown

1024 576 Alexander Hanf

Ready for delivery for a laser gas supply: Redundant pressure control system for high flow rates of up to 1,500 Nm³/h Low-temperature shutdown / low-temperature protection system On site, only the supply voltage and piping need to be connected. Our customer receives a CE-compliant solution directly on the construction site to reduce set-up and working…

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VDMA Welding and Compressed Gas Technology visits LT

434 100 Juri Raffetseder

Advancing the energy transition while avoiding the natural gas shortage Dr. Laura Dorfer, Managing Director, and Stefan Oberdörfer, expert at the VDMA Welding and Compressed Gas Technology Association, visit LT GASETECHNIK. We also exchanged views on the trend topic of hydrogen. During the guided tour of the company, the VDMA got an idea…

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Gas mixer – what is the actual mixer ?

1024 396 Alexander Hanf

    We are regularly asked what the actual gas mixer element, i.e. the mixer, looks like. Here is a picture of the gas mixer element, which is inserted into the pipeline and mixes the gases. Why do you do this now? DVGW 213(A) “Systems for the production of fuel gas mixtures” states (in our…

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Nitrogen supply with a particularly wide performance range

768 1024 Alexander Hanf

This LT pressure control system consists of 4 supply lines, each with an individual LTD-1 dome loaded pressure control unit (1 inch) to enable a particularly high performance range from 10 Nm³/h to 1,200 Nm³/h. This performance range would result in pulsations in the lower range for pressure regulators with higher diameters (e.g. 2″ or…

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Successful commissioning of gas mixing plant for 7 MW natural gas replacement

1024 768 Alexander Hanf

Impressions of the successful commissioning of a gas mixing plant with flare operation. The gas mixing plant mixes up to 220 Nm³/h of propane (approx. 443 kg/h) with air to produce a gas mixture with a calorific value similar to natural gas. With the Wobbe Index set between 12 and 18.6 kWh/Nm³, approx. 7 MW…

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Mischgas Entzündlich

Natural gas replacement for 42 MW with gas mixing plant

1024 768 Alexander Hanf

In order to prepare for a natural gas shortage, our customer uses an LT gas mixing plant for propane/air. This plant can mix propane and air to form a natural gas substitute (SNG) and feed it into the plant network instead of natural gas. The commissioning of the gas mixing plant has been successfully completed.…

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