The weyer group

We have been operating as a family business specialising in process plant engineering and plant safety since 1976 and employ over 170 permanent staff in Germany, Austria, Poland and Switzerland. Every year, the weyer group completes over 1,000 projects for customers from the chemicals, pharmaceuticals, mineral oil, supply and disposal sectors as well as associations and authorities.

Logo of the weyer gruppe with the claim "alround. smart."

Our values

In every respect alround. smart. Our values are the focus of our corporate culture. They shape the common identity within the weyer gruppe and guide us every day.

  • Quality is the basis for our lasting existence. It is therefore not an end in itself, but the foundation of our economic existence.
  • Client focus – Client support and care is very important to our company, and our primary goal is the satisfaction of our clients.
  • Further training our employees – Our employees are our company’s capital. In order to be able to maintain or expand our position in the market, our employees receive regular further training and always kept up-to-date on the latest technology at all times.
  • Friendliness is a top priority at our family company – flat hierarchies and short decision-making paths are lived, optimised and enhanced on a daily basis at the company group.
  • Tolerance and cultural diversity are qualities we experience in dealing with one another – regardless of origin, age, gender, belief or sexual orientation.
    Everyone is welcome here.
  • Healthy growth shapes our company group of – the weyer group grows through innovation. And we are getting better and better every day because of the superior quality of our workforce and the expert knowledge of our employees.
  • Occupational safety is in our group of companies an important point for safe, healthy and competitive workplace design. Our goals are the safety and health of all employees, the safe execution of the assigned tasks as well as satisfied and motivated employees.

The history of the weyer group


Foundation Horst Weyer office for process engineering


Foundation of the PROBIOTEC GmbH

Foundation of the Dahlhoff & Partner GmbH


The Horst Weyer office for process engineering is merged with Dahlhoff & Partner GmbH and renamed horst weyer und partner gmbh


Foundation of Weyer und Partner (Switzerland) AG


Foundation of weyer IngenieurPartner GmbH, formerly Großmann & Partner Ingenieure

Co-foundation of IBExU by Horst Weyer (no member of the weyer gruppe)


Foundation of BDO Technik- und Umweltconsulting GmbH


Registration of the weyer gruppe in the trademark register


Foundation of weyer akademie gmbh, formerly Weyer Quadflieg Prüfgesellschaft


Foundation of the As-U Gamerith-Weyer GmbH


Foundation of Weyer Polska Sp. Z.o.o.


Inclusion of CTE Chemietechnik-Engineering GmbH in the group of companies

The weyer group in figures

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