Air evaporator change-over

Automatic air evaporator changeover from LT GASETECHNIK – tested at the factory, for easy installation on the construction site

We currently offer the following options for the LT ALU automatic air evaporator changeover in the basic equipment as standard:

  • Console, fittings height-adjustable
    • Sikla screwed
    • Stainless steel welded
  • Stainless steel valve only switching
  • Stainless steel ball valves Switching or opening of both evaporators incl. Stainless steel pipe section PN40
    • Nominal diameters DN25, DN40 or DN50
    • Position feedback
    • Temperature monitoring with PT100
    • Preparation of control medium from evaporator medium
    • Counter flanges with welding flanges, screw sets, gaskets
  • Large roof that also covers the ball valves
  • Control air treatment
  • 2 x position feedback for the ball valves
  • Integrated gas preheater to ensure a minimum temperature, with temperature sensor and control
  • Material certificates for components that come into contact with the medium (foodstuffs, FDA, 3.1)
  • Horn/flashing light
  • Wireless configuration
  • Network connection Modbus
  • Network connection Profibus/Net
  • Data logger/ USB interface
  • Larger display (6″)


We are happy to offer the following special solutions on request:

  • Provision of fittings
  • Fittings according to your specification
  • ALU for 4 or more atomizers
  • Copper piping
  • Nominal diameters > DN50
  • Cryogenic valves -196 °C
  • Cryogenic ball valves -196 °C
  • Oxygen version
  • ATEX version
  • SIL brittle fracture monitoring


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Air evaporator switchover tested at the factory, for easy installation

The systems contain preconfigured programs that are easy to parameterize. Optionally, the systems can be equipped with a GSM modem for sending SMS or e-mails, valve groups for the evaporator outlet side or inlet side and as a fully assembled console incl. Control, piping and valves for quick and easy on-site installation.


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Software interface of the LT Automatic Air Evaporator Change Over
Software interface of the LT Automatic Air Evaporator Change Over

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