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    EMSR- / Analysis technology and control engineering

    We supply various standard and tailor-made solutions for EMSR technology, control technology and analysis technology.

    Electrical/Control, Instrumentation and Analysis technology

    Tailor-made control and regulation solutions as a combination of engineering, control construction and PLC software development, including special process engineering features with outstanding competence in hazardous areas.


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    Standard Products

    • LSG-4 smart: Gas failure device
      4-way isolating amplifier and low-level-signaler,
      for signals from ex-areas
    • LSG-4 Comfort: Automatic switch-over between gas sources
      4-way isolating amplifier and signal device for automatic switch-over of up to two gas sources (automatically switching pressure control stations). Suitable for signals also from the ex area
    • AMU: Automatic gas mixer switch-over
      • AMU-2: „The small solution“. Low cost automation of switching between two gas mixers
      • AMU-4: „The convenient solution“. Switching between multiple gas mixers with many functions already implemented, suitable for upgrades with additional options
    • ALU: Automatic air evaporator switch over assembled ready for installation in console with roof
      • ALU-2: „The small solution“. Low cost automation for switching between two air evaporators
      • ALU-4: „The convenient solution“. Switching between up to eight air evaporators, many functions already implemented, suitable for upgrades with additional options
    • Low temperature shutdown: PLC control with touch screen, with programmed logic, individually configurable for the application, including resistance thermometer, shaft-driven cryo valves, flash light + buzzer, assembled ready for installation in console with roof.

    LT GasAnalyzer

    Highly performing gas analyzer for measuring the concentration of technical gases based on a thermal conductivity sensor, an infrared sensor a paramagnetic sensor or combinations of these sensors. Sensors are precise, robust and have a low cross-sensitivity.


    The special features are

    • Gas mixture-depending sensors: thermal conductivity sensor, infrared sensor, or paramagnetic sensor, or a combination of these sensors
    • High reproducibility due to low drift (= long-term stability), optionally with automatic calibration
    • Innovative optional equipment such as fully automatic operation, integrated PLC eg. for measured value depending control, status message in plain text via text message or email, WiFi, and some more
    • Open interface architecture for custom integration into a complete plant remote monitoring systems
    • Convenient touch-screen operation on 6″ touch screen with built-in optional in rack-mounted housing, wall housing or in steel cabinet

    Reliable and precise

    The LT GasAnalyzer comes as a package and fully equipped for an attractive price. We also fit it according to your needs – so you get a suiting, innovative and affordable solution. The LT GasAnalyzer is outstanding when it comes to ease of use, flexibility, measurement precision and reproducibility, and furthermore has a particularly good price / performance ratio.

    Foto eines Gas-Analysators
    geschlossener sieben Zoll Gasmischer-Schrank
    Gasmischer von LT GASETECHNIK

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