TCD multi mode measured gas selection

Multimode gas measurement with the LT GasAnalyzer

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If you are facing the task of measuring multiple binary gas combinations, the LT GasAnalyzer is the right solution. In the menu of the LT GasAnalyzer with TCD sensor, you can specify the applicable sample gas curve. 15 sample gas curves are stored as standard!

The following sample gas combinations can be selected in the standard configuration:

TCD multi mode measured gas selection

After specifying a different sample gas curve, the measuring cell only needs to be re-calibrated with a suitable calibration gas.

Customer-specific configurations are of course possible. For other gas combinations, including three or more technical gases – eventually even with cross-sensitivity – we also offer solutions. LT GasAnalyzer (for gas mixers, for wall mounting or mobile) can be equipped with more than one measuring cell, e.g. B. with TCD, NIR, and ZrO2 cells at the same time.

Please talk to us about your specific measurement requirements.