Engergy production

Construction and modernization of gas supply systems for energy producers

LT GASETECHNIK plans and supplies complete gas supply systems for the supply of hydrogen (e.g. generator cooling), nitrogen (e.g. for inerting), argon, carbon dioxide, oxygen etc. for energy producers.

As a specialist company with over 45 years of experience in the field of gas supply, especially with highly compressed industrial gases (whether inert, flammable, corrosive, toxic, etc.), we advise and carry out the complete detailed planning together with the customer, of course with strict consideration of every relevant safety regulations and standards. We manufacture and install the systems, professionally and appropriately with our own staff, and deliver corresponding documentation and declarations of conformity.


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DeNOx technology, supply of reducing agents

Construction and conversion of plants for reducing agent supply (ammonia water, urea water): Extension or conversion of existing reducing agent supply systems as a complete package of tasks. From a single source: detail engineering, production and procurement of system components and piping, conversion, new construction and commissioning. All this including the process engineering design and adaptation of the existing supply system while maintaining the existing protection, renewal of the condensate and auxiliary steam system including the associated periphery.

Gas safety

Incidents, work accidents, defective machines – there are countless events that can lead to a business interruption and for everyone you have to be well prepared. Your goal is the safe handling of gases, hydrogen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide. The protection of employees and plant technology should be guaranteed at all times. We plan the handling of these gases and the associated technology. As external experts, we provide concrete suggestions on how you can meet the legal requirements as economically as possible for the following countries: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland.

You will receive practice-proven action concepts and the security of having effectively protected people and materials. You rule out organizational negligence in this way. We support you competently (specialists & experts) and offer you engineering and expert services from a single source.

Recording of the current status based on the current documentation, if available or local measurements, where necessary. In power plants, typically for the following gases:

  • Hydrogen
  • Nitrogen
    Carbon dioxide

Investigation according to

  • Pressure Equipment Directive
  • ATEX
  • Industrial safety regulation in connection with TRBS and TRGS
  • Checking the equipment for compliance with current standards

References energy producers (extract):

  • Bayernoil Raffineriegesellschaft mbH
  • Mitubishi Hitachi Power Systems
  • Preussag AG
  • RWE Power AG

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