Hydrogen in natural gas – LT successfully commissions gas mixer

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We have successfully commissioned our latest gas mixer for hydrogen-natural gas mixtures. The gas mixer is used by our customer for the testing of fuel cells. The following gases are mixed:

  • Hydrogen (H2): 2–50 cubic meters per hour (Nm³/h)
  • Methane (CH4): 1–11 Nm³/h
  • Carbon dioxide (CO2): 0–60 litres per minute (Nl/min)
  • Propane (C3H8): 0–20 Nl/min
  • Nitrogen (N2): 0–180 Nl/min

Our fully automatic gas mixer with mass flow controllers (MFC) produces the desired gas mixtures with guaranteed high accuracy and reproducibility. This precision is monitored by a customer’s gas chromatograph. The gas mixture is stored in an integrated 90-litre buffer tank so that fluctuating decreases (rapid switching on and off of units) can also be tested.

Mixing hydrogen with natural gas has been a rapidly increasing topic for LT GASETECHNIK for several years. We have already delivered some plants and have some plants between 10 Nm³/h and 550 Nm³/h gas mixture in our order backlog.

In addition, some H2-ready systems are already in operation. With these customer-specific systems, an energy source flexibility is achieved, because our customers usually mix propane with air, feed it into the existing natural gas plant network and have the option of adding (green) hydrogen in the future. With these new gas mixers, our customers can also make an important contribution to the energy transition.

If you are also interested in gas mixing plants to mix hydrogen with hydrocarbon gases, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to offer you a tailor-made solution:

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