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    Glass industry

    Individually designed gas mixing plants or gas supply plants as control system for pressure and/or volume flow for the glass industry

    • Gas mixing plants for supply of burners with defined fuel gases (eg. hydrogen/oxygen mixtures, mixtures with Propane, mixtures with Natural Gas)
    • Gas mixing systems (container or skid) for the generation of protective gas (HNx, HNx-Skid, Bath Atmosphere Mixing System, BAMS, Tin-Bath-Atmosphere-Mixing System, Protective Gas Mixing Station, PGMS) typically for the flat glass / float glass industry)
    • SO2-supply systems (sulphur dioxide supply)
    • Gas mixing plants for mixing Argon with Chlorine (Ar with Cl2)

    Gas mixing systems for the float glass industry often have a performance 800-2500 m³ / h per supply line. The equipment can be set up either on a steel frame or in a container. The redundant control system and analysis system for the gas mixture are mounted in a separate area. Process data, alarms and error messages are usually displayed on a local control panel and are transferred to the process control system of the customer.


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    Project examples

    • Redundant shield gas supply
    • Gas mixing system for N2/H2 (3 x 2,500 m³/h), redundant with automatic switchover
    • Redundant gas mixing system for N2/H2 (3 x 1200 m³/h)
    • SO2 supply system (sulfur dioxide – supply system) for supply of spraying the transport rollers in the transition area from the float bath to the cooling furnace
    • Gas mixing plant for oxygen/air with a capacity of 50..5000 m³/h (GOx)
    • Burner supply with hydrogen/oxygen mixture with an output of 250 m³/h
    • Shielding gas supply for N2/H2 (2 x 1,860 m³/h), redundant with automatic switchover


    • Particularly high accuracy and reproducibility
    • Static or dynamic, fully automated systems with cascade ratio control
    • Control, analysis and documentation of results with tailor-made solutions
    • Connection of the equipment to existing plant process control system and / or telemetry
    • High availability incl. remote maintenance
    • Redundant versions: Switching over without pressure peaks
    • Unmatched security: Redundant measurements

    ….just beyond standards

    References from the glass industry (extract)

    • AGC Glass Europe SA
    • Air Products
    • AVIC Sanxin Special Glass Technology Co., Ltd.
    • Caspian Flat Glass
    • Euroglas GmbH
    • f | glass GmbH
    • Glaverbel
    • Gomelstelko Gomelglass JSC
    • Heinz Glas GmbH
    • Linde AG
    • NSG Pilkington
    • Saint-Gobain Glass
    • Schott AG
    • Şişecam-Trakya Cam Sanayii A.S.

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