LT GasAnalyzer

LT GasAnalyzer

High-performance analyzer for measuring the concentration of technical gases based on a thermal conductivity detector, an infrared sensor, a paramagnetic sensor or a combination of these sensors. Precise and robust measuring probes for gas analysis with low cross-sensitivity.

Our solution for gas analysis

Modular system, with many integrated functions, expandable with many options:

  • Extractive continuous concentration determination of flammable or non-flammable gas components in gas mixtures
  • Response time: T90 Time < 20 seconds
  • Fully automatic operation, with integrated PLC, expandable for measured value-dependent control of e.g. gas mixers
  • Low drift, therefore high long-term stability
  • Can be optionally expanded to include automatic calibration for verification of constant gas mixture quality
  • Reliable measurement precision
  • Suitable for installation outside hazardous areas
  • Modular system, configured according to your specifications


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foto of a gas analyzer
Chemical composition of gases
Chemical composition of a gas

Thermal conductivity detector, standard gas combinations and measuring ranges (in relation to the mixing gas):

Smallest measuring range
Largest measuring range
H₂ in N2 or Ar
0 – 1 Vol.%
0 – 100 Vol.%
He in N₂ oder Ar
0 – 1 Vol.%
0 – 100 Vol.%
NH₃ in N₂ or Ar
0 – 20 Vol.%
0 – 100 Vol.%
CO₂ in N₂ or Ar
0 – 5 Vol.%
0 – 20 Vol.%
H₂ in CO₂
0 – 1 Vol.%
50 – 100 Vol.%


  • Infrared sensor, standard gas combinations and measuring ranges (in relation to the proportioning gas):
Smallest measuring range
Largest measuring range
0 to 1000 Vol.ppm
0 to 100 Vol.%
0 to 30 Vol.ppm
0 to 100 Vol.%
0 to 5 Vol.% 0 to 100 Vol.%
0 to 3000 Vol.ppm 0 to 4 Vol.%
0 to 1000 Vol.ppm 0 to 1 Vol.%
0 to 20 Vol.ppm
CF₄ 0 to 2000 Vol.ppm
  • Paramagnetic sensor for O2:
    • smallest measuring range from 0 to 10 vol.%
    • Largest measuring range from 0 to 100 vol.%

Structure of the gas analysis

Universally applicable analysis system with convenient equipment:

  • Thermal conductivity detector and/or IR sensor in 19″ 4 U rack-mount housing, alternatively in IP65 field housing. For an extra charge: Installation in wall housing
  • Sample gas up to 20 barg
  • Status message (min, max, pre-alarm, main alarm) in the display, which are also provided as potential-free contacts on terminals, e.g. for transfer to the control system or for activating a stack light
  • Logging of gas pressure and flow rate via 4 configurable analog inputs
  • Processing of external signals such as acknowledgement or start of calibration via 12 binary inputs
  • 2 additional relay outputs, e.g. for gas mixer switchover or activation of an Ex solenoid valve for fuel gas shut-off
  • Data logger, integrated for documenting the gas analysis results. Data recording internally, data can be transferred via RJ45 interface on the outside of the housing, for evaluation e.g. with spreadsheets
  • Convenient and intuitive operation via 6″ touchscreen
  • Modern graphic color display
  • Private label version possible and configurable according to specifications (housing, program interface, logo, language, etc.)
  • Password-protected program access
  • Extensive self-diagnostic functions with message forwarding
  • Development of customer-specific programs and adaptations for individual applications possible
  • Integrated PLC control, e.g. for controlling systems, switching gas mixers or switching to backup systems
  • Multilingual user interface for gas analysis (currently DE, EN, FR, ES)
  • Open interface architecture

Various standard options, individual customizations on request.

Options only in combination with LT gas mixers:

  1. Integration in gas mixer (steel housing with lockable glass door)
  2. Sample gas conditioning: piped gas paths and gas connections, sample gas pressure control and sample gas flow monitoring, 5-2-way ball valve for switching between sample gas, zero gas and calibration gas for calibration purposes
  3. Automatic calibration via additional solenoid valves including control for automatic activation for calibration purposes of sample gas, zero gas and calibration gas

Further options:

  1. One analog output for each sample gas component
  2. Large 7″ touchscreen for graphical display of the concentration curve with parameterizable time intervals
  3. Design of the USB interface on the outside of the housing
  4. Evaluation of gas flow measurement (4-20 mA)
  5. Customized integration into complete remote monitoring systems (telemetry) via Modbus TCP/IP, Profibus, CANopen, Ethernet, 4-20 mA, web server, FTP host
  6. Automatic gas mixer switchover, switchover to backup system
  7. Activation of Ex solenoid valve in the gas mixer for fuel gas shut-off
  8. Upgrade for outdoor installation
  9. Installation in wall housing (400 x 400 x 200 mm)
  10. Installation in steel housing with lockable glass door for wall mounting
  11. LED stack light with horn for status signaling
  12. Other languages
  13. Status message in plain text via GSM modem by SMS or e-mail
  14. Separate printer, recorder for measurement result documentation

Oxygen trace analysis in technical gases

LT supplies state-of-the-art, reliable electrochemical gas analyzers for measuring oxygen levels in your processes. We have been the exclusive partner of Southland Sensing Ltd. USA for the DACH region since the beginning of 2022. We have tested Southland products and install them in our gas mixers. We are pleased to offer you these innovative compact in-line gas analyzers and 19″ rack systems. The electrochemical sensors can measure in the ppm range or up to 100% oxygen:

  • 0 – 1 ppm with a resolution of 0.001 ppm
  • 0 – 10 ppm
  • 0 – 100 ppm
  • 0 – 1.000 ppm
  • 0 – 25%

Communication takes place via Modbus, RS485 ASCII or RS232. The electrochemical sensors are self-contained and require no maintenance. No electrodes need to be cleaned or electrolyte added, the elements are simply replaced every two years. The standard cells are not affected by other gases such as H2, He or hydrocarbons. The alternative acid cell works well with gas mixtures containing CO2 or natural gas. If you already have gas analyzers from

  • Advanced Instruments / Analytical Industries (GPR…)
  • Advanced Micro Instruments AMI (2010BR/BX, 3010BR/BX, 3000RS)
  • Teledyne Analytical Industries (3000TA/PB, 3300 TA/PB, 311, 3110/P/XL)

we have the right low-cost measuring cell for you, often from stock in Dortmund. The complete list of all possible replacement models can be found at .

We also offer a separate series for ambient air monitoring for increased oxygen levels or monitoring for other hazardous gases such as chlorine or carbon monoxide. Download the data sheets for the individual products here:

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