Hydrogen admixture in natural gas

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Hydrogen admixture – What does it mean at LT GASETECHNIK?

Hydrogen admixture, as the admixture of gaseous hydrogen into hydrocarbon gases, has been a well-known topic for decades, which is being given an additional boost by the energy transition. LT GASETECHNIK has been building dynamic and automated gas mixing plants for hydrogen-gas mixtures for many years, but also for the production of various test and limit gases for the local production of world market natural gas qualities. Typical performance variables for these gas mixing plants for labs and test centers are in the range of 10 to 200 Nm³/h gas mixture.

The energy transition requires the addition of larger quantities of hydrogen gas to existing natural gas pipelines. We also offer proven plant technology for this. Typical requirements are e.g. a gas mixture generation of 10% H2 in natural gas. Often the mixing ratio should be variably adjustable, e.B. in the range of 3…30 %. LT is experienced in H2 volume control of 10…500 Nm³/h hydrogen. On the natural gas side, quantities ranging from 100 to 3,000 Nm³/h are typical. The existing natural gas pipeline will be adapted for this purpose by implementing the LT gas mixing line with fitting into the natural gas pressure control system.

The hydrogen content in the gas mixture is measured at the output by a LT GasAnalyzer and the admixture is controlled according to the operator’s specifications via the LT Control System. The user-friendly local touch-screen operation can also be controlled by a higher-level control system via standard interfaces (e.B. Ethernet, Modbus, Profibus, ProfiNet). The gas mixing plant is designed in such a way that the set H2 concentration in the gas mixture is maintained independently of the H2 content in the natural gas. The Hydrogen concentration is also kept constant regardless of the amount of gas mixture actually taken (within the performance limits). This ensures the safe and monitored dosing of large amounts of H2 in natural gas.

We are happy to support you in your task of adding hydrogen or providing world market natural gas mixtures in larger quantities. Please contact us: mail@lt-gasetechnik.com