About L+T GASETECHNIK Klöpper-Waldmann GmbH & Co. KG

Development and manufacture of high-performance gas technology systems, gas mixers, mass-produced fittings and control solutions. Manufacture of small series and customised systems with the highest standards of engineering, safety and quality. Complex technical requirements are both an incentive and a motivation for us – beyond standards.

We supply systems and fittings for a wide range of sectors and industrial fields of application for gas technology applications with flammable or non-flammable, corrosive or toxic technical gases. Our product range extends from series-produced fittings and standard systems to individually planned large-scale gas supply systems as controlled systems for pressure and/or volume flow or as gas mixing systems. L+T GASETECHNIK Klöpper-Waldmann GmbH & Co. KG plans and manufactures, including the associated control and analysis technology – from concept to commissioning – everything from a single source.

Natural gas shortage

LT GASETECHNIK is your partner for solutions for natural gas substitution. We are happy to advise and support. Generation of synthetic natural gas (SNG) as a gas mixture of propane / LPG with air or with nitrogen is an alternative to natural gas or as peak shaving option. LT GASETECHNIK supplies safe gas mixing systems, optionally with Wobbe index control. With our partners, we advise on the complete solution for engineering (horst weyer und partner gmbh), approval (Probiotec GmbH), tank, evaporator, (partners), gas mixing plant (LT GASETECHNIK), safety technology (horst weyer und partner gmbh) and feed-in. For further information, please send an email stating the required maximum output (MWh/h) to SNG@ltgas.de.

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Lean air with SIL2 for pigging and inerting
1024 446 Alexander Hanf

LT again successfully delivers a lean air system. The system can generate 200 Nm³/h of synthetic air from nitrogen and compressed air. Of this, approx. 50 Nm³/h are used for…

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Hydrogen admixture in natural gas
1024 446 Alexander Hanf

Adding of gaseous hydrogen to hydrocarbon gases has been a well-known topic at LT GASETECHNIK for decades, which is being given an additional boost by the energy transition. LT GASETECHNIK…

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Plant engineering for sulfur oxides
1024 425 Alexander Hanf

LT specializes in systems, components and technology related to sulfur oxides, in particular sulfur monoxide (SO), sulfur dioxide (SO2) and sulfur trioxide (SO3). We have experience with the following deliveries:…

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High-precision redundant oxygen/nitrogen gas mixers
1024 446 Alexander Hanf

Accurate mixing of nitrogen with oxygen in the ppm range. Security through redundancy

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free of charge app for gas mix calculation

The app supports the setting of the gas mixture for LT gas mixers in order to calculate volume flows and percentages for two or three gases. For gas mixers for two gases, only two out of five possible values (total quantity, carrier gas quantity, carrier gas proportion, proportioning gas quantity, proportioning gas proportion) have to be specified. With three gases, there are at least three values. After clicking on the “Gemisch berechnen” button, the results are displayed, including the values previously entered by the user. The volume flow can thus be read directly and precisely adjusted on the metering valves and the desired gas mixture is generated precisely and comprehensibly.

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