Gas mixing for the energy transition

Tailor-made solutions for blending natural gas with green hydrogen; perfectly tailored to your requirements. LT offers manual and fully automatic gas mixers for small gas mixture requirements and gas mixing plants for large consumption. Gas mixing accuracy and reproducibility is customized to meet your requirements. Contact us for a consultation!

Manual gas mixers (10 ... 500 Nm³/h)

Manual gas mixers are equipped with variable area flow meters and manual flow control valves. They are perfect for applications where a constant gas composition is required and gas mixtures of 10… 500 Nm³/h. You can rely on our 5 decades of experience and expertise in the field of combustible gas mixing.


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Constant gas composition

The manual gas mixer produces gas mixtures
with a constant composition.


The manual solution is a cost-effective option
for small applications.

Easy maintenance

The manual gas mixer is easy to maintain and offers a long service life.

Fully automatic MFC gas mixers (0.1 ... 300 Nm³/h)

Our fully automatic gas mixers with mass flow controllers (MFC) are designed for applications where high precision and accuracy are required, and gas mixtures of 0.1… 300 Nm³/h. The fully automated solution ensures a constant gas composition without manual intervention and automatic adaptation to changing requirements (if desired, recipe-driven).

Setpoint control to an actual value measured with a gas analyzer (e.g. H2 in a gas mixture) is possible with this type of gas mixer in a closed control loop.

Accuracy and reproducibility

Our MFC gas mixers offer high accuracy and reproducibility in the gas mixture of up to +/- 0.1% by volume.

Automatic control

Thanks to the complete automation, the gas mixer ensures a constant gas composition completely autonomously.

Easy to operate

The fully automatic gas mixer is very easy to use.

Fully automatic gas mixing plant (300 ... 10,000 Nm³/h)

Gas mixing plants for large consumptions: Our fully automatic gas mixing plants are equipped with flow measurement and control valves, ensuring autonomy in the production of gas mixtures. There are many options available, such as indoor or outdoor installation, wobbe index control, heating, SIL monitoring and shutdown, etc. Contact us for a consultation!

Fully automated

Die automatische Steuerung liefert eine konstante Gasgemisch-Zusammensetzung.

With gas analyzer

Gas analyzer (and optionally additional Wobbe index analysis) monitor the accuracy of the gas mixture produced.


The gas mixing plant with combinations of mass flow meter (Coreolis on request) and control valves offers high precision and accuracy.

Results and experiences

At LT GASETECHNIK, we have over 50 years of experience with flammable gases. We have supplied many plants for mixing hydrogen with natural gas, for the production of synthetic natural gas (propane/air) and for the production of specific global market natural gas grades in performance ranges from 0.1 Nm³/h to 10,000 Nm³/h. The solutions are always designed to meet the customer’s requirements: be it inexpensive or high-precision, manual or automatic, volume flow or pressure controlled, with or without gas analysis, for indoor or outdoor installation. We manufacture tailor-made gas mixing plants beyond standards!


High flexibility:

With our gas mixing plants, you can achieve a high degree of variability between hydrogen, natural gas, propane and, if necessary, hydrogen. Biomethane. There is no need to replace the burner.

Safety by Experience:

Benefit from our decades of experience in the design and manufacture of safe plant technology for hydrogen and other flammable gases. Suitable fittings, materials and elastomers as well as a safe design are thus guaranteed.

Ready for the future – H2-Ready:

We offer H2-ready plants that can be expanded to include the future blend of green hydrogen. In this way, you can achieve energy flexibility by using existing installations (burner replacement unnecessary!).

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