The history of LT-Gasetechnik

We are really proud of our products and our services and not only since today, but from the beginning, exactly since January 1, 1971, this is the beginning of the history of LT GASETECHNIK.

L+T was founded by the engineers Friedhelm Ludewig and Heinrich Tillmann as “Ludewig & Tillmann Regel- und Sicherheitstechnik Gas” based in Dortmund-Barop. Initially, fittings and apparatus for gas technology were designed and manufactured there. Shortly after its foundation, a production hall with 1,300 sqm and an office building with 600 sqm were built in 1971 on a 5,100 sqm site in Dortmund-Marten. We are still based here today and employ around 30 highly qualified employees. L+T GASETECHNIK is today named LT GASETECHNIK. Further information about our company can be found here.


We help companies threatened by the natural gas shortage caused by the Russia/Ukraine war. We organize online seminar series on gas storage, lean air, natural gas replacement.


Despite COVID-19, we were able to maintain the previous year’s overall operating performance at the high level. Projects for the energy transition, hydrogen economy, and gas mixers for world market natural gas mixtures, but also lean air generation keep us in suspense. Since the end of 2021, LT GASETECHNIK AVPQ has been a prequalified company.


LT GASETECHNIK is also affected by the COVID-19 crisis, but we are getting through the year quite good and are even receiving some very nice orders. This is why we are looking with faith into the future.


The 40th advanced gas mixer is delivered.
Handelsblatt, Stern and VDMA News report on LT GASETECHNIK.


LT is launching a joint project with the German Aerospace Center (DLR) and the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) with the participation of Forschungszentrum Jülich (FZJ)
Two more industrial gas producers include LT products in their standard supply catalog
MEP Denis Radtke and Holger Kunze, Director VDMA European Office, visit LT GASETECHNIK


A project which was funded by the German Federal Foundation for the Environment was completed successfully.
Very successful acceptance and commissioning of another high-performance system for a float glass plant in Thailand
National and international partnerships extended


Several gas companies add the extended LT product program to their standard supply catalog
Successful development and standardization of the gas mixer advanced


Delivery of five very different natural gas conditioners
LT broadens the scope of production to compact dome loaded pressure control units as well as other innovative solutions in the field of C&I and analysis technology.


Alfonso Castell scheidet altersbedingt aus der Geschäftsführung aus.
Alexander Carl Hanf is appointed as his successor.


The 30th LT high-performance system for producing a gas mixture of N2 and H2 goes into operation at the flat glass plant of Saint-Gobain Glass in Egypt.


Jochen Weyer and Klaus Weyer take over 25% each of the KG. Klaus Weyer becomes the sole share holder of the holder company


Alfonso Castell is appointed as joint managing director


Horst Weyer takes over the shares from Renate Sandhof and becomes the sole proprietor


Generational change in management: This will be taken over by Klaus Weyer. The company will be internationally oriented. Since then, the focus has increasingly been on gas technology plant construction, a key pillar of the company’s success.


The shares of Friedhelm Ludewig are purchased by Horst Weyer


The company name is changed toL+T GASETECHNIK Klöpper-Waldmann GmbH & Co. KG. From now on, the company also devotes itself to gas technology plant construction.


Lotte Lore Klöpper-Waldmann, her company shares are transferred to her heirs, Horst Weyer and Renate Sandhof. Both of them become managing directors and replace Friedhelm Ludewig in this role.


One of the company’s founders, Heinrich Tillmann, leaves the company. Lotte Lore Klöpper Waldmann becomes major shareholder of the company. Friedhelm Ludewig remains managing director.


The “LTD-1” dome-loaded pressure regulator is launched


The company expands: New premises with a 1,250 m² production facility and 600 m² office space are built in Dortmund-Marten. The company moves into its own production sit


The product range is broadened with centralised gas installations and systems for regulating, dosing, measuring and controlling gas pressures and gas flows


The THERMOMAT flame arrester is brought onto the market.
The first LT gas mixer goes into operation.


Friedhelm Ludewig and Heinrich Tillmann found LUDEWIG + TILLMANN oHG in Dortmund-Barop. The company is dedicated to the design and construction of fittings and apparatus for gas technology. A year later the name was changed to LUDEWIG + TILLMANN Regel- und Sicherheitstechnik GAS – Schweißtechnik KG.

Legendary in the history of LT GASETECHNIK is the recorded case of a customer who purchased one of our first gas mixers (device No. 4) and forgot about it for 22 years. The reason: The system was not readjusted or otherwise maintained for 22 years, so it worked reliably for almost 200,000 hours without interruption. Or the case in which a 35-year-old dome pressure regulator is sent to us for maintenance and, after installing the maintenance kit, it continues to perform (only 5 years to date).

Our customers and our references are part of our history – do you know our extensive reference list with more than 100 customer-specific systems? World-famous names testify to the fact that we deal with a whole range of well-known customers for our systems; from a wide variety of industries and with a wide variety of requirements. We would be happy to send these to you, please contact us.

The result of this company history is the increased competence and experience of our engineers. We stand for the routine and safe use of gas as a medium. This know-how, which has grown over the years, now results in the claim LT GASETECHNIK – beyond standards.