Modular system for LT pressure regulating lines

LT offers you a modular system for easily putting together a tailor-made solution for pressure control systems. We design compact and completely ready for connection and operation. Your pressure control system is individually priced, offered, manufactured and documented including certificates and operating instructions. This means you receive a finished, 100% pressure-tested and CE-compliant solution directly to your construction site to reduce setup and working time.

LT modular system:

  1. Piping: Soldered Copper or welded Stainless Steel
  2. Nominal size e.g. DN25, DN40, or DN50
  3. Dome loaded pressure controller 1“ or 2“ BSP
  4. Gas type and pressure specific
  5. Connections: Soldering screw joint, flange, open pipe end, or compression fitting
  6. Ball valve(s): Inlet/outlet/bypass
  7. Gas filter/dirt trap – w/wo contamination indication
  8. Pressure control units type 1-12, as well in the bypass
  9. Inlet pressure and/or outlet pressure gauge in defined diameter w/wo shut-off valve
  10. Safety valve(es) per pressure controller/collective
  11. W/wo panel and/or stand for floor installation, w/wo roof

Other and bespoke solutions upon request. For example: 3″, aggressive/corrosive gases, connection positions (top, down, or sideways), flow direction (to the right or to the left), pressure transmitter w/wo local display, temperature transmitter w/wo sleeve, pressure-relief valve, gas analyzer connection, emergency feed point, certificate(s)

The proven dome loaded pressure controller LTD-1 or LTD-2 is available in different standard versions as pressure control panel:

Technical drawing of a pressure control panel
With bypass, without mounting plate

Technical drawing of a pressure regulating panel with plate
With bypass, on mounting plate

Interested in pressure regulating panels?

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Technical drawing of a pressure regulating panel with bypass filter and safety valve with roof
Redundant with roof

Technical drawing of a pressure regulating panel with bypass filter and safety valve with roof
Redundant with filters and roof

Pressure control system on rack with roof
Type3, with filter, safety valve, on rack with roof

Technical drawing of a pressure regulating panel with bypass filter and safety valve
Redundant with filters and safety valve

Technical drawing of a pressure regulator panel with safety valve with roof
With roof and with safety valve

Technical drawing of a pressure regulating panel with bypass filter
With bypass and filters

Pressure control system 2 inch with bypass

Pressure control system 2 inch with bypass

Redundant 2 inch dome pressure regulator type 3 on panel

Redundant 2″ dome pressure regulator systems type 3 on panel

With bypass and filters

Two redundant pressure control lines with filter and safety valve; on panel and rack

Pre-assembled and tested, ready for connection delivered to the site – for the safe, easy and quick installation!

Of course, we are also happy to offer you individual configurations. Here some practical examples:

Additional information on pressure control panels:

Dome loaded pressure controller

Data sheet

Data sheet

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