LT GASETECHNIK supplies bespoke gas systems as a system for pressure control and/or volume flow control or as a gas mixing system. We plan and manufacture systems for gas technology applications with flammable or non-flammable, corrosive or toxic technical gases including the associated control and analysis technology.

From LT GASETECHNIK you get from a single source for your bespoke gas system:

  • Consultation
  • Concept and detail engineering for the mechanical part
  • Engineering, design and programming of the measurement, control, instrumentation and automation system including gas analysis technology (C&I)
  • Manufacturing, testing and commissioning
  • Documentation of the gas-technical systems with CE marking, risk analysis, PAAG/HAZOP study, eventually SIL classification


Feel free to ask us your questions or request an offer.

Our scope of supply and services includes:

  • Gas mixing plants
  • Systems for regulating pressure and/or control of volume flow
  • Testing systems
  • Dosing systems
  • Analysis equipment for monitoring gas mixtures



  • All gases (neutral, flammable, corrosive, toxic)
  • Operating temperatures from -40 ° C… +60 ° C
  • Outputs from 5 to> 10,000 m³/ h

Our design and control concept for gas mixing plants is modular. This enables an optimal adaptation to individual customer needs.

  • Consulting
    • Safety considerations when handling gases
    • Ocuupational safety
    • Feasibility studies
  • Concept finding
    • Safety-related concepts for handling flammable, oxidizing and toxic gases
  • Engineering (new systems + revamps)
    • 3D layout planning
    • Tailor-made C&I solutions planned and implemented by LT
    • Tailor-made analysis technology
    • Proven interlocking and security concepts
    • High availability
    • Consideration of company standards
  • Government engineering
    • Creation of the authority application
    • Creation of explosion protection documents
    • Hazard and risk analyzes as part of the conformity assessment for plants according to the EU guidelines
  • Procurement
    • Qualification of suppliers
    • Active appointment and quality management
  • Construction and assembly
    • Preferably complete assembly in the workshops of LT (“Package Unit”)
    • Largest functional test in the factory
    • Construction site: connection of the interfaces
  • Installation
    • Commissioning and test run with customers, thereby training effect
  • Documentation
    • Starts already during the engineering phase
    • “As built” according to customer standards
  • Service
    • Operator training
    • Gas safety training
    • Online monitoring
    • Maintenance and service contract
  • Shield gas for the welding technology (e.g. Ar/CO2)
  • Synthetic air for medical applications
  • Synthetic air for the chemical industry
  • Protective gas for the food industry (e.g. N2/CO2)
  • Reaction gas for forging technology (e.g. Ar/O2/H2)
  • Forming gas for steel- and rolling mills (e.g. N2/H2 und N2/H2/H2O)
  • Forming gas (HNx) for the glass or float glass production (e.g. N2/H2)
  • Proven, process related functionality, easy to use with an adapted degree of automation
  • Highest security standard
  • High availability
  • High accuracy and repeatability
  • Reliability
  • Fast adaptation to changing process requirements
  • Robustness against environmental conditions and operator errors
  • Long life and ease of maintenance (e.g. remote maintenance)
  • Particularly high accuracy and reproducibility
  • Static or dynamic, fully automated systems with cascade ratio control
  • Control, analysis and documentation of results with tailor-made solutions
  • Connection of the equipment to existing plant PLC and / or telemetry
  • High availability incl. remote maintenance
  • Redundant versions: Switching over without pressure peaks
  • Unmatched security: Redundant measurements

… just beyond standards.


References for bespoke gas systems (extract)

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  • Air Products
  • ArcelorMittal AG
  • Aurubis AG
  • AVIC Sanxin Special Glass Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Euroglas GmbH
  • f | glass GmbH
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  • Gomelstelko Gomelglass JSC
  • Heinz Glas GmbH
  • Linde AG
  • Pilkington Deutschland AG
  • Rasselstein GmbH
  • Saint-Gobain Glass Deutschland GmbH
  • Schott AG
  • Şişecam-Trakya Cam Sanayii A.S.
  • Stahlwerk Ergste Westig GmbH
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  • Wieland-Werke AG

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