Gasemischanlage von LT Gasetechnik

Use of future green energy from H2 and CO2 by LT GASETECHNIK

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Our latest video presents a customized gas mixing plant for the use of green hydrogen (#H2) and carbon dioxide (#CO2) in combination with natural gas. This innovative system offers precise mixing of Natural Gas (14  to 197 Nm³/h), with H2 (3 to 423 Nm³/h) and CO2 (up to 200 Nm³/h), with a guaranteed repeatability of +/- 0.25% through a combination of control system and LT gas analyzers.

The LT gas analysis system enables a density calculation of the gas mixture: the actual natural gas flow rate is determined by measuring the specific heat capacities and density. H2 and CO2 in the gas mixture are analyzed by a system of WLD and NDIR cells.

This LT gas mixing plant is used to test gas engines with green gases as a contribution to the energy transition.

LT GASETECHNIK stands for comprehensive solutions from a single source:

  • Concept and detail engineering
  • Automation and gas analysis technology
  • Production, commissioning and maintenance
  • Documentation, CE, SIL, risk analysis

Find out more about the technical specifications in our video. For your customized solution, contact us at