Industrial gases

We are supplier for gas mixing technology and gas related equipment for Industrial Gases and for various requirements – for example

  • Serial gas mixers for performance of 15 m³/h to 1000 m³/h
    as a static or dynamic gas mixer for 2 or 3 gases
  • Individually designed technical equipment for control and mixture of two or more combustible or non-flammable, corrosive or toxic gases for performances from a few liters up to 10,000 m³/h
  • Pressure regulators, pressure control units and pressure control panels
  • Gas-safety equipment (flame arrestors, decomposition arrestors etc.)
  • Gas failure device (gas shortage warning devices)
  • Automatic switching devices e. g. for gas mixer switchover or pressure regulating stations switchover
  • Automatic air evaporator switchover
  • Low temperature monitoring and shut-off device
  • Central Gas Supply
  • Individual solutions for gas applications


Feel free to ask us or request your quotation.


  • Serial products and tailor made solutions
  • Experience with far more than 2,000 solutions, delivered in more than 35 countries
  • Recognized highest quality for over 45 years
  • Very durable products (partially over 40 years in daily use)
  • Delivery reliability
  • Own reliable in-house and on-site service

… just beyond standards.

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