LT gas mixer type advanced:

Digitization in manufacturing – Industry 4.0 – Internet of Things – IoT? High-tech has a name for our gas mixers: LT gas mixer type advanced

Performance classes of the gas mixer type advanced

Series models in the performance classes:

Non-flammable gases or MAP gases for food

GM 25-2-A advanced 1… 25 Nm³ / h
GM 125-2-A advanced 25… 125 Nm³ / h

Flammable gases

GMB 25-2-A advanced 1… 25 Nm³ / h
GMB 125-2-A advanced 25… 125 Nm³ / h

LT gas mixers advanced are comparable in price to static gas mixers with a buffer tank and gas analyzer

comfortable – precise – high tech


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Three gas mixer type advanced

Internet of Things

Secure delivery and complete documentation of defined gas mixtures for your production with IoT-compatible high-tech gas mixers:

  • Comfortable and intuitive to operate via touch screen, connection to higher-level systems possible through fully automatic control and fully automatic operation
  • Bidirectional data exchange with higher-level systems (e.g. furnace control, process control system etc.) Interfaces: Ethernet, Modbus TCP / IP, Profibus, CANopen
  • Very precise gas mixture: 0.2% guaranteed repeatability
  • Gas analyzer included: Reliable measurement precision
    Extractive continuous concentration determination of flammable or non-flammable gas components in gas mixtures
  • Integrated data logger for documentation of the inlet pressures, gas flow quantities, gas analysis results.
    Internal data recording, data for evaluation can be transferred via interface on the front of the field cabinet
  • No additional software required

Static gas mixer

(types smart or comfort)

Gas mixture setting

Static gas mixer:
Manual setting via dosing valves, with manual data reading via pressure gauges and flow meters


+/- 0.5%

Achieve exactly the same gas mixture after changing the gas mixture setting

Accurate reproduction is not possible without a gas analyzer due to parallax errors and different metering valve settings with different thread flank stops.

Documentation of the gas mixture

Possible with manual writing, which is subject to parallax errors


  • Robust design
  • Safe
  • Easy to maintain

Dynamic gas mixer

(type advanced)

Gas mixture setting

Setting electronically, reproducible via local control unit additionally data transfer from a central control system. Automatic compensation of pressure and temperature changes


+/- 0.2%

Achieve exactly the same gas mixture after changing the gas mixture setting

Exact reproduction using electronically adjustable values.

Documentation of the gas mixture

Fully automatic documentation of the mass flows of the individual gases. Transfer of data via USB or PLS interface for evaluation e.g. through Excel.


  • Adjustable on the integrated touch screen -> Comfortable and user-friendly
  • Comprehensive documentation of the individual values -> quality assurance
  • Remote controllable -> integration into higher-level control systems possible
  • High accuracy -> best gas mixing results
  • More options -> expandable

* Reproducibility is meant as the repetitive deviation of the individual measurement from the respective reference measured value for the gas mixers offered here. This requires operation within the design limits, approximate temperature equality of the gases, constant pressures, as well as professional maintenance and repair according to the technical rules and manufacturer regulations.

It is the same for both gas mixer concepts that the withdrawal can also be switched on and off remotely via a solenoid valve.

Your specification, our solution

  • Gas mixers supplied by LT GASETECHNIK from  a few l/min up to 10,000 m³/h
  • Redundant versions with fully automatic bumpless switch-over
  • Gas mixers for 2 to 20 gases for
    • toxic and toxic gases
    • flammable and non-flammable gases
    • corrosive gases

And of course we also do the commissioning, training, service and maintenance!

Advantages of the LT gas mixer Advanced

Comfortable and precise gas mixers suitable for IoT:

  • Easy operation on site using a touch screen or from the higher-level process control system. The gas mixer automatically follows the specifications
  • Even without higher-level PLS, full automated functionality using local display
  • Automatic restart after standstill
  • No manual intervention when changing products; Entering the new set point automatically sets the desired gas mixture
  • A dynamic (= fully automated) version with MFC is the only way to ensure that the gas mixture quality continuously and precisely corresponds to the set point values ​​set in each case

Proven design: Reliable, durable and easy maintenance

  • Technically tight on permanence
  • High quality and reliable fittings and components for demanding production environments
  • Robust design, resistant to environmental influences
  • Easy access and maintenance

Please contact us for your individual solution.

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Configure your individual gas mixer and
receive your customized offer within 2 working days!

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