Hydrogen as fuel gas

878 494 Alexander Hanf

As a result of the energy transition, hydrogen is also becoming increasingly interesting as a fuel gas. Hydrogen/oxygen gas mixtures have been used in flame polishing of high-quality glass containers (crucibles, flacons, etc.) since a long time. LT has experience with engineering, safety design, production including control system, commissioning of systems for the supply of 8 to 24 burners with stoichiometric H2/O2gas mixtures.

Typically the factory gas mains pressure (typically 2 to 10 barg) of the two gases hydrogen and oxygen has to be reduced to the burner supply pressure of 0.4 barg. The safety concept is based on the principle that the fuel gas (hydrogen) and the oxidation gas (oxygen) are only brought together as a mixed gas immediately before the burners or in the burner itself (cutting torch principle). Thus, the distance with the stoichiometrically premixed and thus best-explosive H2/ O2gas mixture is kept as short as possible.

All fittings in the single gas supply lines, such as ball valves, inlet pressure switches, switch-off valves, gas filters, dome pressure regulators, mass flow controllers, flame barriers, gas reciptor valves, etc. are designed to suit the gases and operating conditions. Especially in the production of oxygen-carrying systems, LT GASETECHNIK exercises a high degree of care, because oxygen reacts with most substances. The higher the oxygen concentration and the pressure in the oxygen system, the lower the ignition energy required to start the combustion and the more violent the combustion reaction is. In most cases, serious accidents result from the contact of oxygen with combustible solids, rubber, textiles, oils or fats. Therefore, LT GASETECHNIK attaches particular importance to safe equipment and careful execution of this type of system.

For the safe operation of the hydrogen/oxygen-bearing systems, the following components in particular are installed:

  • Multiple redundant gas recirculation valves with post-fire lock and flame lock
  • Redundant thermocouples that respond in the event of a flame setback and lock solenoid valves via their signal
  • Inlet pressure monitoring and shutdown of the gas supply lines in case of pressure below a limit pressure
  • Gas warning system that responds to hydrogen leakage and initiates a shut-off of the gas feed

The entire safety concept, which has been proven in practice for a decade now, was developed by LT GASETECHNIK and reviewed by IBExU Institut für Sicherheitstechnik GmbH.

Do you also intend to mix hydrogen with oxygen? Please talk to an experienced supplier: mail@lt-gasetechnik.com