Successful commissioning of a gas mixing plant for 7 MW natural gas replacement

565 318 Alexander Hanf
Impressions of the successful commissioning of a gas mixing plant with flare operation. This LT system mixes up to 220 Nm³/h propane (approx. 443 kg/h) with air to produce a gas mixture with a calorific value similar to natural gas. With the Wobbe Index set between 12 and 18.6 kWh/Nm³, approx. 7 MW can be replaced. Advantages for our customer:
        • Compensation in the event of a natural gas shortage
        • Use of existing industrial burners without modifications
        • H2-ready for future (green) hydrogen admixture
    The design is particularly safe, among other things, due to gas analysis with SIL 2 oxygen gas analyzer in the gas mixture and connected switch-off for avoiding explosive gas mixtures in the plant’s natural gas network. Would you like to know more about safe LT gas mixing plants? Contact us: