Dynamic gas mixer for natural gas, hydrogen, CO2, N2

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Production of different fuel gases, based on natural gas is often required by test centers for engine test stands. If the gases are required in larger and variable compositions, a dynamic LT Gas Mixer type advanced can show its strengths to the full.

Project example:

  • Ball valves, gas filters, inlet pressure transmitters, pressure regulators, non-return gas valves, safety valves
  • Coriolis flow meter and control valve in the natural gas line, MFC in the other lines, additional line for small volume control
  • Outlet pressure transmitter, automated shut-off valve
  • Gas warning system, heating system, control technology with touch screen

For the gases

  • Natural gas 3 … 40 kg / h with max. 35 barg
  • Hydrogen 0.01 … 0.5 and 0.1 … 5 kg / h at max. 35 barg
  • Gas mixture 5 … 45 kg / h mixed gas

The mixing ratio can be adjusted in order to generate a reproducible gas mixture in any desired ratio (within the design limits). The gas mixer is designed so that the set mixed concentration of the gas mixture is always kept constant. This is set in the local control panel. This set concentration is kept constant regardless of the amount of gas mixture actually withdrawn.

Dynamic gas mixer for natural gas, hydrogen, CO2, N2

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