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H2 Einspeisung

hydrogen / climate change / green hydrogen feed-in / decarbonization / H2 / funding in the field of hydrogen technologies and systems

961 515 Alexander Hanf

We are currently working on many projects in the area of mixing LPG, natural gas, methane, propane with (green) hydrogen. Do you have these projects too? Then talk to us, we are familiar with the topic.

From LT GASETECHNIK you receive from one single source:

  1. Consulting
  2. Concept and detail engineering for the mechanical part
  3. Engineering, design and programming of the measurement, control and automation system including gas analysis technology
  4. Manufacturing, testing and commissioning of the systems
  5. Documentation with CE marking, risk analysis, HAZOP study, possibly SIL classification


We are also happy to be a partner for funded projects – the “participation of innovative SMEs” is often the criterion for funding and LT GASETECHNIK fulfills the necessary criteria. For example «Funding in the field of hydrogen technologies and systems» by the EU,

Federal Ministries, or by federal states.


LT Gasetechnik is happy to be your development partner for your special gas technology challenges. We have several years of successful experience in working with innovation drivers and in working on projects with funding agencies.



Talk to us!

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