Dargestan | SO2 station for a float glass plant

878 494 Alexander Hanf
A flat glass plant in Belarus has ordered for the second time a SO2 system from LT, which is intended to supply a newly built flat glass production line with gaseous SO2.

The SO2 system is designed redundantly, so that if individual components fail, the SO2 supply is guaranteed without interruption.

Flat glass factories operate around the clock over a period of at least 12 years. Therefore, all systems for media supply must be designed for such tough operating conditions. LT2 SO2 systems enjoy an excellent reputation among experts based on their reliability and long durability. Not only do they meet rigorous safety requirements, they are also easy to use. Since they are completely made of stainless steel, they have a durable design.

The SO2 plant for Belarus will be built at the LT plant in Dortmund and installed on site in a special room of the flat glass plant. For safety reasons, the room air is monitored by gas warning sensors for SO2 contamination, because this would be an indication of leaks. Special ventilation equipment would then safely discharge the SO2-contaminated room air into the atmosphere.

LT is also responsible for monitoring the installation on site, the subsequent commissioning and training and the safety-related instruction of the operators.