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AUSTRALIA | Oxygen for medical applications

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The high functional quality of the dome loaded pressure regulator LTD-1 is appreciated even in Australia. COREGAS, Australia’s largest gas producer, has been purchasing this pressure regulator from LT GASETECHNIK for many years. In recent times, COREGAS installs a special version of the regulator in pressure regulating stations for Oxygen for medical applications.

With a view to providing the high Gas availability generally required in medical care, the station is designed to full redundancy. A pilot regulator installed for the purpose enables fine-tuning of outlet pressure with high precision. In addition, safety valves installed downstream ensure due protection against the remote risk of the regulator’s membrane breaking through (a fact that could cause Oxygen to be discharged at the points of use with an excessive and inadmissible pressure).

The station cares for emergency cases, such as when supply from the regular source (liquid Gas tank + vaporizer) is in failure: To this effect, it is added a separate pipe which remains constantly connected to cylinder bundles and is equipped with a spring-loaded pressure regulator conveniently pre-set. In addition, pressure in the pipe downstream the panel is monitored. If pressure drops automatic valves activate the supply from the backup cylinder bundles

The entire station is set up on a stainless steel panel.

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