Gas mixtures for the beverage industry

878 494 Alexander Hanf

Europe’s leading producer of sparkling wine has placed an order with LT GASETECHNIK covering a sophisticated gas mixing station to produce a gas mix out of Nitrogen and Carbon Dioxide. The unit has been installed in its German plant.


The station has a mass flow controller based dynamic function, and provides gas mix to an unsurpassed level of setting accuracy and reproducibility. Gas mixtures are freely adjustable to convenience (from 10 to 50% CO2 in N2, including, therefore, the so-called “beer gas”). Due to the high degree of automation, the system’s operation is very user friendly and extremely comfortable.


The specific design of the station fulfils in all respects the requirements of the operator. The system allows producing both large and very small volume flows of gas mix to meet varying requirements- of course while complying strictly with the desired mixing ratio of feeding Gases. This dynamic functionality makes a buffer tank unnecessary. This as well eliminates the necessity of emptying it and flushing it with a neutral Gas after every change of gas mix.


The station is equipped with PLC-based control equipment, which is connected to the DCS system of the operator. The signals are exchanged bi-directionally via a bus system. Settings for the desired gas mix can be set by a local touch-screen OP and from distance via the DCS system of the operator.


LT engineers have commissioned the station. They will also provide periodic maintenance, to ensure a good functionality at all times.


Gas mixing plants with this specific configuration are gradually installed in other European production sites.


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