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Free app for gas composition calculation

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In the app stores from Google (for Android) and Apple we provide  an App to calculate the setting of dosing valves for gas mixtures.

This App supports in setting up the gas mixture at  LT Gasm Mixer for two or three gases. This app helps to calculate corresponding volume flows and percentages
The first choice is whether a gas mixture should be calculated for two or for three gases. For gas mixtures with  two gases only 2 from 5 possible values have to be entered (possible is: total quantity, carrier gas volume, proportion carrier gas, additive gas volume, proportion additive gas).
When calculating the setting of the gas mixture of three gases, there are at least three values that must be specified.
After clicking on the «Gemisch berechnen» button, the results are displayed, including the values previously entered by the user. The respective volume flow can thus be read directly and then precisely adjusted on the metering valves. The desired gas mixture is generated precisely and comprehensibly (reading of the flow on the flow meters in each gas line).

LT gas mixers have flow meters in the carrier gas and admixing gas lines with an optical display. This means that actually flowing gas volume flows can be read directly.
Pressure gauges and flow meters deliver the performance data consistently and reliably, thus enabling simple and quick function control through the viewing window in the front door of the gas mixer cabinet.

All dosing valves used are matched to the required flow rate of the respective gas line and are carefully selected. Because only specific metering valves offer a sufficient degree of accuracy and comfort when adjusting the gas mixture.

This guarantees a reproducibility of the gas mixture of ≤ ± 0.5 vol% (if the temperature of the individual gases is the same).

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