Mobile gas analyzer with two measurement cells

878 494 Alexander Hanf

Mobile Gas Analyzer

Our mobile gas analyzer is for field use Our own technicians highly value it because it can be transported and used flexible because it is equipped with two measuring cells (TCD and NDIR):


  • Several different gas combinations are measurable
    • H2 in Ar 0…100%
    • H2 in N2 0…100%
    • O2 in N2 0…20%
    • O2 in Ar 0…20%
    • CO2 in Ar 0…20%
    • CO2 in N2 0…20%
  • Very fast calibration
  • Data recording – even for several days
  • Possibility for data dispatch via e-mail and remote support over VPN
  • Particularly compact and flexible with convenient, user-friendly touch screen operation