Supply of production lines | Technical gases

878 494 Alexander Hanf

Once again, a well-known steelworks from the Ruhr region has entrusted the construction of facilities to supply the annealing furnaces with various technical gases LT.

LT has a solid name in the industry as a developer and manufacturerof systems for technical gases. The experience gained in over 40 years of activityin this field is used by a gratifyingly increasing number of customers. The steel mill mentioned is only the youngest link in a long chain. There are companies from a wide variety of industries, e.g. Steel construction, copper processing, chemistry, glass industry, etc.

It is not just about building new utilities, but also about converting, expanding or renewing the existing equipment.

In the case of the steelworks project mentioned, the parts of the plant that had to be considered in terms of safety and plant technology were initially identified in a workshop in which the responsible project and safety engineer and the production manager were involved. On the basis of the results of a study carried out by LT, the project team defined the necessary measures and determined their implementation sequence. The short time window available for this had to be taken into account so that the production process remained largely undisturbed and could be continued without interruption if possible.

The goal was achieved by prefabricating complete assemblies in the LT plant. These then only needed to be installed and connected on site. Since the project includes an automatic system control, the control cabinet and corresponding software were created and contributed by LT.

The project includes an independent plant control, which was engineered and programmed and installed by LT. For all projects of this kind, LT is responsible for the complete process engineering, while taking all relevant safety aspects into account. LT also carries out plant design and detailed engineering, manufactures, carries out the installation and trains operators. Finally, standard-compliant documentation is created for the respective project, which includes calculation documents, Ex certificates, test results, circuit diagrams and the operating manual.