LT GasAnalysator zur Wandaufhängung

LT GasAnalyzer for upgrading or retrofitting

1024 683 Alexander Hanf

LT GASETECHNIK offers a gas analyzer for retrofitting. The LT GasAnalyzer for retrofitting can be easily integrated into existing production environments – even at gas mixers from other manufacturers.

Special features:

  • Gas mixture dependent equipment: thermal conductivity sensor, infrared sensor or paramagnetic sensor, or a combination of these sensors
  • Integrated sample gas conditioning
  • Comfortable equipment such as data loggers for data recording over years
  • Open interface architecture for easy integration

The LT GasAnalyzer for retrofitting is a complete package at a reasonable price and is already fully equipped ex works. Of course, adaptations are made according to your wishes – LT GASETECHNIK will be pleased to supply a bespoke solution beyond standards. The LT GasAnalyzer is outstanding in terms of user-friendliness, flexibility, measuring precision and reproducibility; details and relevant technical data can be found in the brochure.