LT GASETECHNIK supplies SO2 gas safety cabinet

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To protect employees from escaping gases that are hazardous to health, SO2gas cylinders must also be stored safely. For this purpose LT GASETECHNIK supplies SO2 gas safety cabinets with integrated automatic cylinder switching, pressure control station and N2 purging device for safe cylinder change.

LT GASETECHNIK offers customized solutions for technical, corrosive, combustible and high purity gases. Special features of LT gas safety cabinets:

  • Complete, assembled and tested solution
  • Individual design for 1…4 gas cylinders with and without (fully automatic/automatic/manual) inert gas purging device
  • Gas safety cabinet according to DIN EN 14470-2 for 30 or 90 minutes fire resistance
  • Particularly high-quality fittings, also as stainless-steel fittings for corrosive or high purity gases
  • Emergency stop
  • Gas warning system incl. commissioning
  • Professionally assembled, delivered and commissioned on site

A simple, technically accurate solution for continuous process supply with maximum safety for your employees.