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Novelty: Gas mixer for Novec

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We have successfully commissioned the first LT gas mixer for Fluoronitrile (Novec) with nitrogen, technical air or CO2 at our customer. This gas mixture is considered an environmentally friendly alternative to sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) as a dielectric insulating gas in medium and high voltage engineering, especially in gas insulated switchgears (GIS).
SF6 is considered a powerful greenhouse gas that damages the atmosphere – Novec, on the other hand, is considered to be a „green gas“ – making the replacement attractive. We are not aware of other gas mixers for this application, so we are happy about this successful new development, together with our customer.

The innovative gas mixture is used for the discontinuous filling of vacuumized vessels For this purpose, the LT GASETECHNIK gas mixer is equipped with a pressure-holding valve at the gas mixer outlet, so the gas mixer is protected against the vacuum of the vessels to be filled. Automated shut-off valves provide further protection.

A particular challenge was the use of specially calibrated mass flow controllers. With these, the mixing ratio is electronically adjustable to produce a reproducible gas mixture in any ratio (within the design limits). The fully automatic gas mixer works in a heating chamber, the associated control unit from LT GASETECHNIK is installed in a separate room.

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