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If you use a gas mixer, choose a really accurate one, this will save (in a typical case) 30% of the Hydrogen costs!

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The reason for this significant saving potential is a question of arithmetic: Here is an example:

  • In this example the product quality will fluctuate and get worse if there are less than 5% H2 in N2 in the mixed shield gas.
  • A conventional gas mixer has an accuracy of +/- 2% abs. that means for safety’s sake it will need to be set to 7%, may be to 7.5%. So the shield gas quality will oscillate between
    • 7.5% – 2% = 5.5% and
    • 7.5% + 2% = 9.5%
      This process will never see less than 5.5% and the product quality will be in control. BUT the average consumption will be 7.5% H2 in N2 instead of the required 5.2%.
  • Using a high-tech gas mixer having an accuracy of +/- 0.2 % (like those from LT GASETECHNIK), allows for safety’s sake a set point of 5.2 or 5.3, and the values will oscillate between 5.1 % and 5.5% with an average consumption of 5.25% H2 in N2.
  • The difference of 2.25% (7.5% – 5.25%) absolute will save (2.25/7.5) = 30 % of the Hydrogen and its costs.
  • Example calculation for a gas mixer with 500 Nm³/hr:
    2.25% x 500 Nm³/hr x 8500 hr/y x 0.5 €/m³ = 47.813 € savings per year.
    Or for a gas mixer with an operating time of 2000 annual operating hours, this corresponds to a saving of 11,250 €.
  • Although the service life of an LT gas mixer is several decades, the higher price of an LT high-tech gas mixer usually pays for itself in less than a year. Even revamping an existing gas mixer might be interesting, since the payback time is typically below two years.

We will be happy to advise you on your application and discuss the purchase of a new unit or the conversion of existing units.

Please contact us:

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