MFC-based technology to mix 5 gases

878 494 Alexander Hanf

Europe’s leading manufacturer of welding consumables, ordered from LT GASETECHNIK a gas mixer for the 5 gases. This is for the gases Argon, Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide, Helium and Oxygen

With this gas mixer, the company is able to produce a large variety of gas mixtures, and aims to find the best suitable gas mix for each welding application. The target: With the aid of each atmosphere the individual composition of the company’s own products is duly tested and optimized.

The challenge of this project is the ability of producing any desired gas mixture out of the five available gases. Therefore, in practice, gas mixtures vary frequently. The target was achieved by using a specific mixing technique based on Mass Flow Controllers (MFC). Nowadays, this principle is state of the art and meets the functional requirements that can be expected from each practical application, to perfection. It also provides an unsurpassed level of setting accuracy and reproducibility of the respective gas mixtures.

The gas mixer unit is fed by pressurized gas cylinders. All 5 cylinders are constantly connected via suitable control stations to the gas mixer, thus ensuring the desired flexibility at all times.

Both the gas mixer and the gas cylinders are installed, one aside the other, on a mobile steel frame. This gives the device the necessary flexibility to carry out product testing on multiple production lines at the factory.

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