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Oxygen for the crystal glass indsutry

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LT products are used in the manufacturing of crystal glass

One of the strict requirements for maintaining a flawless process for the production of crystal glass is that the oxygen is available at an extremely low pressure and that this pressure must remain absolutely stable at all times. Among other things, this is intended to receive a stable flame by highly precise volume control.

These high demands on the control accuracy of the pressure control equipment, a fire-promoting and therefore not uncritical gas, are met with pressure control systems with special control pressure regulators, which are based on the Dome pressure regulators type LTD-1. The pressure control systems have an external feedback, which allows the output pressure to act on the pilot pressure regulator so that it hardly fluctuates by a few millibars during the current acceptance. The pressure control systems react with an unusually high dynamic to changing quantities.

The installed components and then the fully assembled control systems were first properly checked and approved by the TÜV. The unrestricted suitability for use in oxygen was determined.

This application has once again shown that LT does not only work with large systems and with critical gases such as Chlorine, ammonia or sulfur dioxide, but also with standardized products is able to meet demanding customer requirements.

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