Mobile gas analyzer with two measurement cells

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Transportable gas analyzers from LT GASETECHNIK can also be equipped with several measuring cells for mobile use at the customer’s request. For example with a thermal conductivity detector (short TCD with the typical use for forming gases, i.e. H2 in N2) and near infrared sensor (short NDIR with the typical use of welding gas CO2 in Ar). The use of two measuring cells increases the measuring accuracy, because the repeated accuracy is significantly higher with the infrared sensor for CO2 components.

The compact design is retained: the portable device with touch screen is easy to transport and easy to use. Of course, other customer-specific options are also possible, e.g. many customers want a 4-20 mA interface or a way to send data by e-mail or access the device via the Internet.

LT GasAnalyzer Mobile
Mobile Gas Analyzer
  • Several different gas combinations are measurable
    • H2 in Ar 0…100%
    • H2 in N2 0…100%
    • O2 in N2 0…20%
    • O2 in Ar 0…20%
    • CO2 in Ar 0…20%
    • CO2 in N2 0…20%
      As standard we offer 3 from 15 possible measuring ranges. The optimal measuring range is individually adapted for each customer.
  • Data recording – even over several measurement days
  • Possible housings:
    • on-top housing for gas mixers
    • wall mounted housing
    • 19″ rack
    • portable housing

Please talk to us about your individual measurement task: