New video of a float glass process gas supply in a 40 ft. container

1024 369 Alexander Hanf

Once again, a well-known manufacturer of flat glass has entrusted LT GASETECHNIK with delivery of the gas supply system for a new float glass line.

Philip Weyer created a short video with a camera drone for you. In this you also get a brief overview of the LT building and an insight into part of the production facilities:

The HNx gas mixing plant was delivered in a 40 foot container. In the mechanical part, temperatures, pressures and quantities of the ingoing gases nitrogen and hydrogen are measured and regulated. The electrical part contains the redundant system control and the partially redundant analysis system. The measuring technology analyzes at five points humidity, oxygen and hydrogen content.

The gas mixing plant provides the following regulated volumes for process supply

  • 250…1,600 Nm³ / h of nitrogen for the bath, redundant
  • 0…400 Nm³ / h nitrogen as control and flushing medium, with bypass
  • 250…1,600 Nm³ / h as protective gas mixture of nitrogen and hydrogen @ 0.5…1.5 barg , redundant, gas mixture 1.0 … 12.0 Vol.% H2 in N2

The plant was designed and manufactured completely by LT GASETECHNIK.

More information on request with us…