Nitrogen supply to the Austrian pharmaceutical industry

878 494 Alexander Hanf

One of Austria’s most prestigious manufacturers of pharmaceutical plants has placed an order with LT GASETECHNIK for a control station to ensure the supply of high purity Nitrogen. It is about regulating both pressure and volume flow of Nitrogen, which is to be used on a very sensitive pharmaceutical process that at times, requires rather large flow rates.

All elements of the control station, such as valves, measuring devices, pipework and connections are made of stainless steel. Ahead of starting assembly, they were all subject with a special cleaning process. Subsequently, they were arranged on a stainless steel panel, following a suitable layout based on the station’s function. Finally, the complete station was again subject to a general cleaning procedure, and a functional test was performed.

The challenge of this control station is the necessity of adhering very closely to the constantly changing requirements to both working pressure and flow rate of Nitrogen, required for being injected into the process at rather low temperatures. On account of the specific application the station is used for, the availability of Nitrogen is of the extreme importance.

This is the reason why the station was designed to full redundancy, just to fulfill the customer’s demands to perfection.

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