LT safety gas bottle cabinet with LT gas mixer and old customer buffer vessel

Propane / Nitrogen supply

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Safety gas bottle cabinet and gas mixer for 70 Nm³/h

Successful delivery and commissioning including integration and new approval of 27 year old pressure vessel

LT GASETECHNIK supplied a gas supply combination with a propane / nitrogen gas mixture for a manufacturer of quality stainless steel products based in Witten. The tailor-made and coherent concept convinced the customer. The supplied equipment efficiently and reliably produces the gas mixture of the highest quality.

When LT GASETECHNIK was awarded the contract to supply the new gas mixer in April 2020, the overall concept was one of the decisive arguments. The integration of an old 500 liter buffer tank was a major challenge. The order was completed on time with all dismantling services, new installation and commissioning by the LT GASETECHNIK team completed in July 2020.

Scope of delivery:

LT Safety gas bottle cabinet

  • Fire resistance 30 minutes
  • For three propane gas bottles with 33 kg each
  • Propane pressure control station with automatic switchover for two gas bottles
  • Pressure transmitter for monitoring the cylinder pressures
  • Cabinet heating in Ex version
  • Gas warning system
  • Ventilation with fan for extraction from Ex-zone 2

LT Gas Mixer

  • For 70 Nm³/h
  • Gases: Propane / Nitrogen


  • Commissioning of the gas mixing system, gas cylinder cabinet
  • Installation of a safety valve for the existing 500 l stainless steel buffer vessel
  • – Testing and approval of a 500 liter stainless steel vessel, provided by the customer in accordance with DGRL 2014/68 / EU. This was put into circulation in 1993, i.e. before the Pressure Equipment Directive, and had no safety valve, documentation, operating instructions or material certificates.

Complete from a single source, customer-specific, including all documentation and pressure vessel book. That is exactly the strength of LT: Solutions for customers beyond standards from a single source

  • Consulting
  • Concept and detail engineering for the mechanical part
  • Engineering, design and programming of the measurement, control and automation system including the gas analysis technology
  • Manufacturing, testing and commissioning of the systems
  • Documentation with CE marking, risk analysis

…just beyond standards.