Plant engineering for sulfur oxides

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LT specializes in systems, components and technology related to sulfur oxides, in particular sulfur monoxide (SO), sulfur dioxide (SO2) and sulfur trioxide (SO3). We have experience with the following supplies of plant technology for sulfur oxides:

  • SO2-barrel / barrels incl. Heating, change-over, and pressure control
  • 26 / 5000 Übersetzungsergebnisse Gas mixture of SO2 and N2
  • Gas mixing of SO2 and air
  • Gas mixing of SO2 and O2 to SO3
  • Gas analysis of O2 in sulphur dioxide gas mixtures
  • Gas analysis of SO2 (up to max. 10 Vol.%) in gas mixtures
  • Gas metering with quick-acting valves for product coating
  • Storage of gas bottles (e. g. SO2, O2) in gas safety cabinets
  • Gas pressure control (heated stainless steel pressure control)
  • Gas warning systems for monitoring and shutdown

Do you have tasks and challenges related to sulfur oxides? LT has extensive experience and we will be happy to support you. We are familiar with the regulations for storage and use (TRGS 510, TRBS 3145, TRGS 745, TRBS 3146, TRGS 726). LT has been supplying systems for decades with volume flows of a few liters per hour up to systems with 120 Nm³/h. We are looking forward to receiving your inquiry: