Low temperature protection system

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As soon as a safe shutdown of the gas supply is required to monitor brittle fracture, many customers rely on a low-temperature shutdown from LT GASETECHNIK.

For special applications, a safe gas supply with a minimum temperature is required. The shutdown is supplemented by a flow heater. This regulates the medium to an adjustable temperature and thus ensures a safe media supply with a minimum temperature.

If this additional safety level is also exceeded, the system is switched off by a shaft-driven cryo shut-off valve. Of course, after a pre-alarm to enable the customer to react early without switching off.

Low temperature switch off

Low temperature protection system

Design according to customer requirements, for example:

Flow heater:

  • Performance 1.6 kW
  • Flow N2 125 kg/h
    Heater and flow according to customer specifications
  • Inlet: -30 °C
  • Outlet: 5 °C

Control system

  • Industrial control system with individual programming
  • 4″ touch color display
  • Interface: CAN, Ethernet, RS-232, RS-485, USB, REMOTE E/A
  • Thyristor control for the flow heater


  • Shaft driven cryo shut-off valve, designed for: -196°C / PN 40
  • Resistance thermometer incl. Transmitter
  • Lamp/Horn
  • Galvanized steel profile rails with roof
  • Traverse height adjustable for individual adaptation to local conditions
  • All that needs to be connected on site is the supply voltage, the control medium and the pipes


LT low temperature protection systems are always designed in consultation with the customer and are equipped accordingly – some typical variants:

  • Design in SIL 1 or SIL 2
  • Delivery with cryo valve or provided by customer
  • GSM modem for SMS– or mail dispatch
  • Networ connection according to Industry 4.0 requirements

Please contact us for your tailor made solution: mail@lt-gasetechnik.com


Further information for Download in this PDF