Lean air gas mixer with SIL 1

Avoiding explosions with atmosphere control

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Explosive atmospheres in vessels are for example created by dust (ground products) or by degassing (production or storage of flammable substances). Covering with pure nitrogen can be undesirable. Either because the “lower explosion limit” can also be safely adhered to with a residual oxygen content or because a residual oxygen content is necessary in the process or during storage (e.g. synthetic resin production, acrylic compounds such as acrylic acid (CAAC) or butyl acrylate (BA)).

LT GASETECHNIK offers your customized solution, here are a few examples.

Example of a vessel inertization system:

  • Nitrogen control for each vessel
  • Oxygen concentration measurement from each vessel
  • Controllable via independent or a central control system provided by the customer
  • Mechanical part and gas analysis completely assembled and tested
(explosive atmosphere)
Vessel inertization system


Example process gas generationwith defined oxygen content

  • Gas mixer for nitrogen with air or oxygen
  • Oxygen concentration measurement in the gas mixer exit
  • Safety-related switch-offat exceeding defined limit-values with safety-cirquit of the quality SIL 1 or SIL 2
  • Nitrogen bypass for safe supply

Lean air system with SIL 1 (explosive atmosphere)



CE-compliant solution directly to the construction site to reduce set-up time and working time.


There are many more options and special solutions in our program, please contact us on the subject of “explosive atmospheres”!